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Student Council

As a community of actively involved learners, students are offered the opportunity to partake in Student Council. These students help to guide and are the pulse of our school, helping to provide meaningful opportunities to our school community. A special congratulations and thank you to the following students who will lead our school this upcoming year!

2022-2023 Student Council Members

President~ Arianna Domingo

Vice President~ Chase Smith

Secretary~ Xavier Castaneda

Treasurer~ Anya DeGuzman

Religious Affairs~ Noelle Watkins

Assemblies Commissioners~ Camille Verador and Margrethe Lim

Spirit Commissioners~ Caitlyn Olivas and Abigail Kresha

Athletics~ Riley Gagnon

Publicity~ Iya Bondoc

Environmental Affairs~ Makayla Chapman

Safety Patrol~ Logan Caldwell and Cole Cromwell

Yearbook~ Mirelle Manzon